Water Damage

If not treated immediately by professionals, any water-related disaster can be expensive. The majority of one's posessions unfortunately suffer or can be completely lost when water damage occurs. The majority of one's posessions unfortunately suffer or can be completely lost when some kind of water damage occurs. Thousands of dollars and many of your most valued items can be saved if reacting to the problem on time.

Independently of what kind of water damage your household or business suffered, our goal is to return all the structural materials to their original condition. Using up to date drying techniques permits our professionals to prevent future problems related with moisture and humidity such as mold growth, mildew, or harmful pathogens.

For the restoration period all of your house or property contents will be packed and transported to our warehouse. After our work is succesfully completed, you will be able to feel as if nothing ever happened!

Fire Damage

After extensive fire damage, we firstly hope that you and your family are well. Secondly, we want to be there to help restore your home. We'll begin by having professionals check the structure of your home. It is important you realize that after the fire is over your house is still being affected by several factors.

First of all professionals should make sure that the structure of the building is OK, after that soot and all kinds of smoke should be removed, all the unsalvageable pieces or life threatening pieces should be removed. If the fire extinguisher was used then you should also take care of drying your home.

Set Apart Construction team will gladly help you to overcome all of that trouble. We recommend you start reconstructing your house without any delay and that is why we guarantee a 30 min responce.

Operating in Michigan and having local services we are able to start the reconstruction work very fast. We will save every item possible, reconstruct your home from the foundation to the roof so that you can come back to normal as soon as possible.